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      3L (Cambodia) "one piece bag" has been approved by the State Drug Administration (CFDA) to enter the domestic market

      2020-12-03 10:00:34



      Recently, the one-piece bag made by 3L group Cambodia company has been approved by the State Drug Administration (CFDA) and will be listed in China soon.



      The main body of the product is composed of adhesive sheet (pressure-sensitive adhesive and polyethylene film), bag body and release paper. It is non allergic, firmly pasted and does not adhere to the wound. The product is packaged in paper plastic bag (dialysis paper + composite film) and sealed. It is sterilized by ethylene oxide. After passing the physical, chemical and other performance tests, it is supplied to medical units or individuals for use. This product is suitable for collecting the excreta of urostomy.

      Compared with other products, this product has the following advantages:

      Impermeable, not easy to fall off.

      It has large capacity and can hold more contents.

      It has little skin irritation and no allergic symptoms for most people

      Since its commissioning in 2016, 3L Cambodia group has been striving to set an industry benchmark for domestic "going out" enterprises relying on its leading manufacturing process, quality of disposable polymer medical products and industry reputation. In addition, with strong scientific research and complete scientific quality control system, 3L Cambodia company has obtained a number of international quality certification. 3L group will continue to be based on the research and development of core technology and the upgrading and optimization of production line, realize the continuous improvement of quality and efficiency of disposable medical consumables products, and protect the health of end users!


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